This kit features a large 18"x26" kick with a 12"x 12" mounted tom, a 16"x16" floor tom and a 8.5"x 14" snare. It is a very unique combination of
dimensions designed to achieve a very vintage sort of "extreme" sonic separation kept together, overall, by it's total depth and warmth. Aiding in this are the
8 ply maple shells, common in vintage drums, with the classic style "round over /45 degree" bearing edges.
    As an artwork, the intended feel is very interpretive, that of an over all antique with abstract inlays of birdseye maple and black walnut into zebrawood
veneer. Adding to the antique visual are hand crafted white and brown ash rims inlayed with a stripe of black walnut and hand hammered copper "jewelry".
Hand rubbed satin finishes of polyurethane and tung oil were applied throughout adding the final touch and all important protection.
Hoops/ Rims