I typically work on stretched canvas primed with gesso. Or mdf prepared with high
quality acrylic primer, gesso or both. I use high quality oil paints, typically Gamblin, but not
exclusively. My paintings are protected by a coat of dammar varnish when ready, and
usually set into removable oak frames coated with tung oil, simple, yet well constructed.

 My works are generally still life. In the beginning I approach them as a design,
aesthetically built on two dimensional abstract geometric patterns and shapes, or often
direction, shape, and such as used in traditional fine art and architecture.
I chose my subject matter somewhat whimsically, but tend to combine common,
recognizable objects not usually well suited for each other. This can, I think, open doors in
the memory. Although I will usually let my own memory, or narrative become my intent, I
do so only as a means of reaction, to inspire me in giving the painting what it needs. My
intent, in the end, is not to communicate anything specific, but to allow for interpretation.
Essentially, as you view art, it at some point becomes yours, and means what it means to
you, regardless of what you may have been told.

   Most of my inspiration comes from traditional art and architecture (pre-20th century), in
its craftsmanship and attention to aesthetics, as well as Japanese art, in its strong natural
elements and use of picture plane and picture frame. I believe this shows in my own work. I
want for my paintings to be recognized as paintings, not just "trick of the eye" pictures. Just
as well I want them to be pictures, not simply paint on canvas.
Artist's Statement